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At Massage Tactics, our goal is to connect with people who are searching for health, healing, and have a strong desire to overcome mental fitness challenges. With firsthand knowledge and experience in the emergency field, we understand the devastating physical and emotional results of being exposed to constant trauma. Our treatments address the common, chronic, and devastating aches, pains, and disorders that come with high-stress occupations. Here, we recognize your sacrifice, we are truly grateful, and it is an honor to be able to serve you. Exclusive pricing is always available for first responders, active duty military, and veterans.


My Story

As a former 911 dispatcher with 15 years of service, I experienced the negative effects of dealing with trauma every day. As a result, it became my mission to find holistic methods to healing. I attended the CostaRica School of Massage Therapy where I learned the importance of the mind-body connection. I continued my education specializing in bodywork for stress, anxiety, and PTSD. From there I became certified in the mind empowerment tactics of Emotional Management Process (EMP) and Tactical Resiliency Processing (TRP) techniques through

Healing the Heroes

We proudly support our military and first responders and know there is a better way to deal with traumatic and negative emotions. developed a Tactical Resiliency Processing (TRP) which is the heart of our mind empowerment. That, combined with our Emotional Management Process (EMP), we are here to support you.

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